Over the past four years, we have built a robust for-profit social enterprise that we are incredibly proud of. Our management team brings a wealth of experience from related industries including property, environmental finance, development economics, financial engineering, fund administration and alternative investments. This multidisciplinary team is supplemented by strategic alliances with environmental agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations, registered charities and governmental agencies that give us a strategic advantage.


Our remit is global and we are mainly focused on medium to large scale projects. Our team of experts is involved in the full project life cycle from sourcing of assets to due diligence, deal negotiation, financing and implementation.





Global Plantations is a company with a culture of responsibility and accountability at all levels of our organisation. We build long-term relationships by being transparent and fair in all of our dealings. We believe in doing business with equal consideration to all stakeholders. We only undertake impactful projects and work with our partners to ensure that projects are socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.





  •   The cornerstone of our philosophy is to meet the needs of our clients.


  •   Our business is managed to the highest standards of professional conduct.


  •   We are transparent in how we operate and set high standards of disclosure.


  •   Our decisions are driven by our expertise and through robust due diligence.





Global Plantations has elected to restrict the offer of its investment products to two types of investor, these being


(i) Certified high net worth individual, and

(ii) Sophisticated investors


If you are neither one of the above investor types then you are unable to invest in Global Plantations


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