Global Plantations offer a range of opportunities to invest in soft commodities grown on plantations around the world. Our investors want to gain exposure to real assets, through direct ownership of soft commodities.


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Our customers have invested in plantations in Malaysia and Sri Lanka where they own sustainably grown teak, thereby preventing land degradation and soil erosion over the life cycle of the projects. Our plantations in Asia comprise 1,969 acres (799 hectares) of leased property which include our current project:


FSC certified - 1,566 acres (636 hectares) of 19-20 year standing teak in Northern Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia.



 We have selected this particular tree species as it is one of the most valuable of all hardwoods, due to its strength and durability. It has substantial oil content that enables it to naturally protect itself from insects, bacterial diseases, fungi and excessive dry or wet conditions. Furthermore, a teak tree’s natural oil content will protect it from forest fires mitigating the potential risks at our plantations. The teak (Tectona Grandis) that is produced on our plantations is mainly aimed at the Chinese export market. Indian and European timber merchants are also actively seeking plantation grade teak, such as the kind found on our Boonrich plantations.


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