Global Plantations is committed to sustainability and the responsible management of the environment. We respect and acknowledge the rights and interests of all those who live and work in the communities in which we operate. Global Plantations will consult with and provide feedback to stakeholders, who are affected by or have interest in its business to achieve a balance between economic viability, social contribution and environmental responsibility.





The Sustainability Policy applies to all projects undertaken by Global Plantations Limited.





Global Plantations is committed to continuous improvement of its environmental performance and to demonstrate this commitment we will:



  • Choose independent, recognised and credible certifications that can measure  and  audit processes.


  • Comply with all legislation, codes of practice and regulatory frameworks.


  • Communicate our performance to employees, contractors, directors, shareholders and community stakeholder on a regular basis.


  • Ensure a portion of each project site is dedicated to research, recreational and

            educational purposes.


  • Ensure contracted project owners share our commitment to sustainability and

            responsible environmental management.


  • Facilitate carbon capture and manage efficient energy use.


  • Implement and manage a robust integrated management system that delivers high standards and complies with internationally recognised standards.


  • Manage plantations for conservation values that are present including soil, water  and air quality, biological diversity, endangered species, wildlife habitat, old growth forest and   cultural heritage.


  • Minimise pollution and the generation of waste.


  • Minimise the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers.


  • Only develop projects with responsibly and sustainably managed plantations.


  • Provide appropriate training to employees in impact investing management



  • Set challenging objectives and targets relating to resource sustainability and

           environmental policy which will be regularly reviewed as we strive to continually

           improve environmental outcomes.



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